Rose Quartz ~ A Protective Stone?

Yes, it’s true. Rose Quartz can help us develop healthy energetic boundaries. 

If you’re reading this, you are probably an empath. That’s why you’re interested in Crystals, healing and helping.  Being empathic is a gift but it can also mean that you need to protect yourself from feeling and absorbing other people’s energy.  Empaths need healthy energetic boundaries.

Let’s look at one aspect of energetic boundaries – people pleasing.  There are many reasons why we do it – to keep peace, to protect people from being hurt, to avoid conflict, to gain approval, to fit in, to be included, to maintain illusion, to be liked, and so on ...  Being nice is good but it’s important to understand that people pleasing is not about being nice.  It’s about putting the needs of other people before your own.  It is a form of self-abandonment and is the opposite of loving yourself.

If you stay true to yourself and stop giving little pieces of yourself away to make other people happy, you will no longer absorb other people’s energy.  The energy exchange happens only to create balance.  Energy is given and therefore energy will be received.  It’s a two-way street; the two systems must come into resonance with each other.  No fault, just energetic law.

Understanding how energy works helps us understand how being an empath and not loving yourself can be a dangerous combination. You can end up becoming sick from absorbing other people’s energy.  The sickness can be as mild as a fleeting headache or, over time, develop into a chronic condition.

The goal is to become 100% accepting of who you are. When you fully love yourself, you will be able to simply be yourself around other people.  Now you can see where Rose Quartz comes in.  If you know me well, you may have heard me say that Rose Quartz is the most important stone of the Mineral Kingdom .  I say this because Rose Quartz teaches self-love, and learning to love yourself truly is the greatest lesson of all.

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