Crytsals that Help to Heal Animals

My cat Joe loves Crystals!  He has quite a collection but this Clear Quartz egg is his current favourite.  I program it to help him in whatever way he needs.  I don't place the Crystal; he goes to it himself and places different body parts against it.  Sometimes he puts his hips or back against it and sometimes his feet.

Any Crystals can be used to heal animals, just as they can be used to heal humans.  Below is a list of Crystals that have been found to be particularly useful for helping our animal friends.
  • You can place a Crystal on the animal’s collar
  • Crystals can be placed in places where the animal sleeps.  You can even offer animals Crystal layouts by placing stones around them while they are sleeping.
  • Crystals can be placed in animals drinking water.  Make sure they are not small enough for them to swallow.
  • Crystals or Flower of Life patterns can be placed under, around or in food.  Pet food is often highly processed and derived from energetically negative sources.  In general, pet food is unstructured and devoid of positive life force energy.
Bloodstone is an excellent all-round animal healer.  It is an excellent physical tonic and can aid general health as well as recovery from injury and dis-ease.  It is a good stone to place in your animal’s water bowl for general good health and immunity.  Placing a Bloodstone in the water bowl will often encourage animals to drink more water. This can be especially helpful for cats who are prone to urinary crystals
Green Heulandite:
Green Heualandite greatly helps animals with heart issues, especially big dogs with weaker hearts.
Dalmation Jasper:
Dalmation Jasper helps to calm animals.  It is especially helpful for animals who are difficult to manage.
Diopside has a calming effect on pets.
Lepidolite helps to balance and stabilize emotions and heals the emotional body of animals. It greatly assists animals who pick up on the emotions of humans.
Lithium Quartz:
Lithium Quartz is an extremely good healer of plants and animals
Peridot is a wonderful animal healer.  It has a general tonic effect and helps to heal and regenerate tissues.  Peridot can also strengthen metabolism and be an aid to  conditions of the skin, heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal, tract, ulcers and eyes.  Peridot is also useful in connecting and communicating with other Earth beings, such as the plant and animal kingdoms.  It is a wonderful stone to use in animal communication and animal healing.

Animal Medicine Blessings,

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