Blue Kyanite ~ The Lightworker's Helper

Bridging Stone communication connection energy blockage guides higher self Kyanite mediumship soul purpose

Blue Kyanite is a beautiful shimmery blue stone that grows in vertically oriented blade-like formations.  It is 'the' stone of connection and bridge building but is perhaps best known for its ability to rapidly clear energetic blockages and bring one’s chakras into alignment.

Kyanite carries a high vibration and an enormous capacity to draw down light from higher dimensions.  It enhances psychic abilities of all kinds, especially those involving communication with higher beings, such as one’s higher self, spirit guides, extraterrestrials, angels and ascended masters.  It creates bridges of communication for healing, channeling, mediumship and one’s own inner work.

Kyanite’s powerful receiver-transmitter capacity brings through clear guidance that one can trust and act upon.  It keeps us oriented in the direction of our soul purpose by helping us to recognize and gather together gifts, abilities and interests needed to move forward on our soul path in this life.  Kyanite helps to clear blocks to spiritual attainment and draw those with whom you have spiritual contracts to you.

Kyanite also works to bridge gaps of human understanding between individuals and groups.  It opens the throat chakra, assisting self-expression and the speaking one’s truth.  It encourages the release of old, limiting beliefs and brings one into alignment with unknown, untapped potential.  It frees people to consider new ideas and come to new understandings and ways to collaborate toward common goals.

Kyanite is a great stone for healers to wear and to place on the body during Crystal healing sessions.  It rapidly clears the human energy field and creates a protective shield in which to do energy work.  It also increases energy transmission from healer to client and can help to open the third eye of both healer and client during healing sessions.  It’s absolutely wonderful for restoring energetic flow in the human energetic system, especially along energetic meridians and between chakras.  I especially like to use it to bridge energy from the high heart to the throat chakra.

Kyanite is also a great physical healer.  It helps to heal bone breaks, surgical incisions and other traumas to the body.  It can even create new neural pathways for those who have suffered strokes or other forms of brain damage.

Put simply, Kyanite can be like your own personal bolt of lightning.  It is such a powerful channeler of Light that it never requires cleansing.  It greatly enhances all forms of energy work and meditation practices.  You can even place Kyanite under your pillow to clear blocks in your subconscious mind while you sleep and enhance your ability to dream lucidly. 

Kyanite just keeps channeling Light to the one who uses it.  It keeps us aligned with our personal truth and clears the decks so we can get on with it.

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