Build Stamina and Strengthen Spiritual Commitment with Meteorites!

Meteorite stamina Tektite

Build Stamina and Strengthen Spiritual Commitment with Meteorites!
By Karen Osborne

Meteorites are actual physical pieces of celestial bodies such as comets and asteroids that came to Earth from outer space.  We can sometimes see them as fireballs in the night’s sky and know them best as shooting stars.  We make wishes on them, as if we can sense their ability to open momentary windows of time and space...
Most Meteorites are consumed during their fiery entrance into the Earth’s atmosphere but some larger Meteorites reach the Earth’s surface to form large impact craters.  Two famous Meteorites that survived impact are the Sikhote-Alin, which fell in Russia, in 1947, and the Campo del Cielo, which fell in Argentina 4-5,000 years ago.
Imagine the power of transformation and the history of the cosmos brought to us by our Meteoric friends. Their non-terrestrial frequencies help us connect to our own cosmic identity and the alchemical fire of their arrival activates our own inner fire, making Metorites powerful catalysts for the evolution of the human spirit.
Meteorites are known to initiate awakening and change required to bring one into alignment with their spiritual path.  They will bring massive transformation to those who are ready and embracing of it.  In fact, they are perfect aids to those who have grown impatient with their spiritual progress.
It may sound like working with a Meteorite will be something akin to hurtling through deep space, but it’s not.  In fact, the first thing Meteorites do is help to stabilize our Earthly bodies.  In spite of their extra terrestrial origins, Meteorites are actually grounding and strengthening to our physical structures.  Meteorites of iron-nickel composition are especially fortifying and extremely protective.
Meteorites help us create strong, stable foundations needed to get our projects off the ground.  Their energy increases motivation, drive, and stamina.  They are also known to be excellent physical healers bringing strength to the blood and tissues of the body and generally speeding any healing process.
In a nutshell, Meteorites help us stay strong and present on the Earth, while simultaneously strengthening our connection to higher realms and purpose.  They can fortify our physical health during the Earth’s transformation and can be of great help to premature infants and those experiencing prolonged physical illness.
Meteorites bring strength and hope to anyone who is struggling, either physically or emotionally.  I will never forget how holding one helped me when my father passed away…
If you’re ready, give Meteorites a try.  They are far more stabilizing and physically supportive than a Tektite, which is a manifestation of that which has not yet come to be.  Holding a Tektite is like reaching forward into a future timeline … Pairing your Meteorite with a Tektite will greatly amplify the energy of transformation and cosmic connection.  I recommend Moldavite for ultimate effect.

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