First Aid Stones for Fear and Panic

aegirine amethyst andalusite angel aura anxiety apophyllite aquamarine aragonite azurite black jade black tourmaline blue quartz blue smithsonite brown jasper cataclasite celestite charoite chevron chiastolite clinozoisite danburite dolomite emotional balance eudialyte fear garnet girasol ground grounding hematoid quartz impact quartz jet Kyanite larimar lodestone love magnetite mangano calcite morganite moss agate negativity nurturing onyx panic pink opal pink petalite precious opal prhenite que sera stone red calcite rose quartz rosophia rutilatied quartz safe safety sapphire smithsonite spirit quartz stabilizing staurolite tugtupite white opal

Here is a list of Crystals can help ease fear.  It's followed by list of stones that help with panic if ever you have the need.  In general, it's the black, brown and purple stones in your Crystal collection that will help with fear because they are grounding and stabilizing, and because they work to clear negativity (both inner and outer), and help us to feel safe. Rose Quartz is not on this list but is always our 'go to' Crystal for creating and maintaining loving states of being.  Surely love is the best antidote to fear.  :)

Aegirine carries knowledge that Light has nothing to fear from darkness, but that Light is indeed the healer of darkness

Moss Agate releases deep-seated fear and stress

Amethyst is wonderful for easing anger, fear and anxiety; guards against guilty and fearful feelings

Chevron Amethyst can transform negative energies instantly. If you are feeling sad, depressed, fearful or angry, the violet flame can help you immediately

Andalusite (also known as Cross Stone or Chiastolite) dissolves illusions, calms fears and helps one face reality

Angel Aura Rose Quartz is calming and can help ease stress and release emotional pain and fear

Apophyllite is a calming stone of cosmic love that quiets negative thoughts and helps one to overcome anxiety, stress, worries and fear

Aquamarine soothes fear, anger and judgment

Aragonite, especially Aragonite Stars are wonderful for releasing pain and fear, and bringing more love into the world

Azurite helps move into the future without fear; clears stress, worry, grief and sadness; transmutes fear and phobias; Azurite represents the light as it dissolves the darkness of each fear and transforms it into clearer understanding

Pink Mangano Calcite releases fear and grief that keeps the heart trapped in the past

Red Calcite alleviates fear, bringing understanding to the source

Cataclasite or Impact Quartz helps those who feel they must always be in control due to issues of fear or trauma

Celestite can be used to overcome fear, suspicion or paranoia

Charoite releases deep fears; facilitates release of unconscious fears; helps access past-life memories and maladies that have their roots in internalized negativity or fear

Blue Quartz good stone for releasing fear and embracing the future

Danburite helps one release grief, intense fear and anxiety, fear and resentment

Dolomite softens negative emotions like anger and fear

Eudialyte helps overcome fear, self-doubt and confusion

Garnet alleviates worry panic, fear and feelings of being unsafe

Black Jade defends against morphogenic fields of negative energy, such as the fear and violence projected through the media, and is particularly helpful in times of war or world crisis

Brown Jasper brings stability and balance, and is particularly grounding as a worry stone, or for dissolving a sudden rush of fear, anger, or panic

Leopardskin Jasper or Jaguar Stone helps clear guilt, insecurity and fear

Jet: alleviates unreasonable fears

Kyanite clears fears and blockages

Larimar eases guilt and fear; allows for deep cleansing of pain, fear, anger, stress and other emotions that no longer serve

Lodestone or Magnetite alleviates fear, anger, grief, over-attachment

Morganite: heals fear, resentment and anger

Black Obsidian helps dispel fear and negative thoughts so that they do not become manifest and uses these energies to create lessons and opportunities for growth helping you to gain valuable knowledge about your deepest self

Onyx alleviates overwhelming fears and worries

Pink Opal can help those who have excessive fear, worry or anxiousness

White or Precious Opal helps one identify and release old wounds, fears and anger, and other patterns of negativity that harm the self and ultimately others

Pink Petalite strengthens the emotional body while releasing fear and worry

Prehnite helps with deep fears and going to worst case scenario

Que Sera Stone excellent aid for feeling apprehensive, including fears and phobias

Rose Quartz calms fear and anxiety by bringing the realization that only love is real

Rosophia quiets fear

Rutilated Quartz relieves fears, phobias and anxiety

Sapphire helps to dispel fears and night terrors

Spirit Quartz brings peace of mind and freedom from fear

Staurolite counters hysteria, excessive fear and emotional paralysis

Stitchtite releases fear and judgment

Black Tourmaline helps to reduce fear and the feeling that we are victims

Tugtupite is a strongly protective stone that equips you to face difficult situations with equanimity and fearlessness

Vessuvianite or Idocrase assists releasing unconscious fears


Crystals that Relieve Panic 

Blue-Green Smithsonite gently releases anger, fear and pain and eases panic attacks

Clinozoisite is used to stop panic attacks and stimulate the immune system

Garnet alleviates worry panic or fear

Girasol is useful when past-life experiences affect the present, especially as panic or phobias

Hematoid Quartz can be used to calm anxieties, panic and/or hysteria.

Brown Jasper of any variety is particularly grounding as a worry stone, or for dissolving a sudden rush of fear, anger, or panic

Rhodonite is a first aid stone for emotional shock and panic 

Sodalite brings emotional balance, calms panic attacks

Sunset Sodalite is said to be good for panic attacks, the nervous system and anxiety 

Titanium and Titanium Aura are helpful when excessive fear, panic, and/or anxiety are present 

Dravite or Brown Tourmaline helps those who feel overwhelmed release panic

Turquoise is a stone for exhaustion, depression or panic attacks



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