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Integration is important. In fact, it’s absolutely vital to the healing process and largely what healing is about - bringing parts into the whole. Integration is that final moment of alignment that completes the healing process. It can, and does, happen in a very natural way but sometimes, when we don’t allow ourselves the time and space to honor the work we’ve done, the integration may not completely take shape in three-dimensional reality. Sometimes we rush the process and confusion, disillusionment and disappointment can set in following what was an initially positive healing experience. Sometimes we even loose the healing altogether.

If you know my work, you will have heard me talk about ‘letting your paint dry’ after a healing session. I ask people to keep their aura quiet and not expose themselves to people and activities that can interfere with the emergence of their newly transformed self. You don’t want to smudge your paint before it has a chance to properly set. The time immediately following a healing session can be critical to retaining and embodying the healing. You need time for your systems to stabilize and become strong in the new, healed pattern before rushing back into a lot of mental and physical activity.

Your new goal is to embody the healing – to integrate it into the way that you live your life. Successful integration translates into aligned living. You are no longer at odds with your own Spirit. When you're in alignment, doing what’s best for yourself becomes effortless and natural. There is no need for immense effort, undue discipline or struggle. You are free to be someone different than you were before the healing. Integration is the final step in your healing process that will prevent back-sliding into old and comfortable, misaligned ways.

Humans create. We are creators. When we are not aligned, our creations are not aligned. A wound is just a structure, a pattern you keep weaving that is not aligned with that of the Divine creation pattern. When we are able to release or heal our mis-creation patterns, they come unravelled, and we may feel like we’re coming undone. The world we know can fall apart or simply disappear. Sometimes this is the hallmark of deep healing but it can feel overwhelming, and integration becomes even more essential.

While integrating your healing, it’s important to focus on the relief that you feel. Feel into the space that's opened up within you. Feel yourself beyond the old limitations. You are no longer the identity that was built around pain. The pain is gone but you are not lost without it. You have the space and newly emergent energy to create something beneficial. You can create something that is in Divine alignment for you and, therefore, all life.

The error we often make after healing, is to rush back into life without allowing time for the consolidation of our new state. Spend time in nature, meditation; sleep, journal or spend time with animals. Taking the time to allow your wings to dry now, means you can fly later. Allow your Spirit time to understand what you need to do to retain this hard-won healing. Maybe there is something you are now able to consciously let go of, or maybe there is something that you can now consciously welcome into your life. As you do this final step, the integration completes and you become the healed state. This is your medicine that you forever share with the world. Successful integration leads to embodiment as you effortlessly radiate the healed vibration to everyone around you.

Crystals that Help with Integration

Aegirine helps one integrate karmic issues around power abuse

Dendritic Agate helps integrate all aspects of one’s being, especially the shadow self. It helps balance polarities of life, especially self.

Flower Agate Flower Agate energy seeks to unify, integrate, and bring flow between the Maiden, Mother, and Elder aspects of the self. Flower Agate helps us to love being embodied again and is especially helpful for healing, claiming, and re-integrating the loving inner maiden.

White Agate White Agate activates, stabilizes and calibrates crown chakra in a gentle and slow manner that allows time for processing and integration.​It’s a very good stone for alleviating guilt and freeing one to accept and perceive their own beauty at the soul level.

Amegreen helps one to integrate the higher energies, which, in turn, assist in releasing and healing patterns that no longer serve, especially those relating to the Heart.

Aragonite stimulates the healing and integration of past wounds or energetic blockages.​

Auralite helps integrate heart awareness

Aventurine teaches that growth is a process of experience, integration and release – once we integrate the insights, knowledge and information, Aventurine also assists the emotions of the experience to disperse

Black Tourmaline in Quartz has the ability to go beyond dualities and to integrate the shadow into the whole personality.

Blue Sapphire awakens and integrates the energies of the 3rd eye and throat chakras

Brandenburg Quartz especially good for soul child-parts retrieval and facilitates purification and integration of those parts into your present self.

Bronzite helps to integrate and unite emotions with intellect

Golden Calcite Golden Calcite teaches right use of power and can assist one in perceiving and integrating these lessons from this and other lifetimes.​It’s a good stone for those afraid of misusing power.

Candle Quartz Red Candle Quartz helps integrate in Earth domain and White Candle Quartz helps integrate in higher dimensions

Chalcopyrite integrates higher frequencies

Chlorite aids rapid processing, healing and integration of cellular memories and information, creating clarity in our bodies, emotions and mind

Double Terminated Crystals Double terminated Crystals are considered stones of balance that integrate spirit and matter, absorb negative energy and break old patterns.​They can greatly assist overcoming addictions and integrating previously blocked parts of the self.

Dow Crystals bring integration of spiritual knowledge, compassion and enlightened action

Pink Halite works on the emotional level drawing out old habitual emotional patterns so that they can be cleansed, integrated and released

Healer’s Gold is a source of life force or prana, as well as an integrative balancer of all one’s energy systems

Hemimorphite is a stone of Light activation, assisting integrating more Light into the energetic, emotional and physical bodies

Hiddenite is a stone of physical, emotional and mental integration

Hornblende promotes unity and integration

Hematite is a stone of integration. Hematite facilitates the path to a peaceful way of being.

Ibis Jasper helps us to integrate the energetic shifts, upgrades, and attunements, and release blockages necessary to support breakthroughs.

Polychrome Jasper helps resolve dualities and integrate into the whole

Spiderweb Jasper helps one to integrate experience and healing on any level, (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).​It helps to unravel confusion, mystery and illusion without getting caught in your own web.

Wonderstone is a wonderful stone for learning complete acceptance of self and for integrating healing.

Jet enables one to see the lesson behind negative experiences and helps integrate the lessons so that their manifestation can be released.​

Lavender Quartz (a type of Rose Quartz) promotes integration of all parts of the personality; helps to understand habits and reactions with respect to one’s instinctive behavior

Lemurian Lasers especially in tabular form, bring the integration, balancing, and linking together of dimensions, polarities or frequencies.

Lepidolite with Ruby sends healing energy through meridians and integrates the etheric body with physical and balancing both; overall purifying agent, especially for emotions; brings integration and balance to sub-conscious part of being

Lithium in Chalcedony brings physical, mental and emotional integration

Dendritic Malachite brings physical, mental and emotional integration

Marcasite stimulates and integrates the first 3 chakras, the root, the sacral and solar plexus – and it links them firmly with the Earth star chakra below one’s feet.​Through these 3 chakras, Marcasite works to optimize one’s life force, courage, sexual energy, creativity, willpower and mental clarity.

Master Crystals align with source of light open the way to the world of integrated spirit and matter

Merlinite helps one consciously integrate shadow aspects

Psilomelane or Black Merlinite can help one to meet and re-integrate one’s rejected or lost parts, facilitating wholeness.

Moldavite helps those who are unused to energies of Earth and find it difficult to integrate the spiritual bodies into the physical (use a grounding stone when using Moldavite). Moldavite provides an overview of reasons for incarnating and helps integrate spiritual purpose into Earthly life.​It supports empathy and compassion.

Molybdenite Spiritually, Molybdenite integrates the everyday self with your Higher Self.​

Black Moonstone integrates on physical, mental and spiritual levels

Muscovite or Mica mirrors back dislikes in others as reflection of self, then aids integration/transformation

Nuumite is a powerful stone for shamans who perform soul retrievals as it assists in locating and integrating the aspects of self, which have been separated from the whole. Nuummite is an ally to engage when one is truly ready to recognize, integrate and LOVE all aspects of oneself, so that one may place oneself fully in service to the highest good.​Nuummite offers clear vision of one’s true nature.​It assists perceiving and integrating one’s gifts, one’s lessons and one’s power.​

Black Obsidian helps discover true self; brings you face-face with your shadow side and helps you to integrate it with love

Peridot provides and integration of love and will

Platinum helps to reassure new ideals and energies into our lives. It keeps one focused and determinedly working towards full and lasting integration.

Prasiolite or Green Amethyst links and integrates the higher and lower aspects of one’s being within the awakened heart.

Presili Bluestone quickly accesses answers and integrates spiritual information

Purperite stabilizes energy flow in the body and allows one to integrate more light on a physical level.​The phosphorous allows more illumination of the mind, helping one to integrate the information one receives in from spiritual communion, enabling one to bring more light to Earth.​

Nova Scotia Quartz excellent stone to use after shock or trauma, especially at the soul level; it can be used for soul retrieval and integration and to heal after psychic attack

Rhyolite is useful for past life healing – processes past and integrates it with the present – it brings things to resolution, no matter where the source of difficulties may have been, and actively encourages moving forward

Rose Aura Quartz aligns and purifies all chakras allowing the Rainbow Light Body activation and integration.  

Star Ruby has Light grounded within it, so that it can be integrated and expressed through the more mundane aspects of one’s life.The direct manifestation of Light through the root chakra makes Star Ruby a powerful stone for tantric work and manifestation.It can be used by Light workers and healers to integrate high-frequency energy into the body.

Blue Sapphire's blue ray integrates 3rdeye and throat chakras to focus inner vision like a laser beam and communicate one’s vision in a n effective way

Scapolite assists in fully integrating emotional healing

Orange Sheelite helps to stabilize the inner self, promoting organization within and integration of the personality with the Higher self​

Sphalerite helps to integrate energy of healing session and encourages one to take care of one’s physical body.

Stibnite aids body in integrating and shifting genetic patterns

Tabular Crystals A tabular Crystal formationrepresents the integration, balancing, and linking together of dimensions, polarities or frequencies

Tangerine Quartz is excellent to use after shock or trauma, especially at the soul level; it can be used for soul retrieval and integration and to heal after psychic attac​

Tektite Placed on the Third-Eye Chakra, Tektite can enhance the integration of higher energies received from other realms.

Tiger Eye integrates hemispheres of the brain, right and left, masculine and feminine.​It is a stone that balances polarities and integrates them into the whole. Tiger Eye integrates Spirit with matter.

Blue Topaz helps integrate lessons and gain knowledge from one’s experiences

Brown Tourmaline or Dravite aids in seeing the aspects of self one has hidden rom oneself out of fear or denial – allows one to perceive and integrate the shadow self.​It can help one to accept those aspects of self that seem abhorrent or unlovable.

Tugtupite is a stone of integration, Tugtupite bridges the compassionate heart with the illuminated mind and anchors unconditional love in the world. Tugtupite aligns and integrates all the chakras with the heart and higher heart chakra so that love is expressed through every act and thought.

Vesuvianite or Idocrase is described as the solution between the ego and the Self to bring integrated wholeness. It helps integrate spiritual ideas and principles into one’s daily life and aids in identifying and acting upon one’s path of service

Zircon links physical self with energy body to integrate the inner and outer worlds and bring highest dreams into reality.

Zoisite assists surrendering to Divine Will and encourages one to perceive and integrate the teachings of one’s condition while living one’s life to the fullest, especially when inter-grown with Ruby

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