Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamond Quartz is known as the stone of joy. They are magical, energizing sparkling Crystals that bring happy vibes to any occasion.  Wear them to relieve tension and feel uplifted, sprinkle them on the dinner table for a lively time with friends, or meditate with them to access the higher guidance of your soul.

Herkimers feel good but they also have a serious mission. They are powerful stones of attunement that work to align us with our life purpose and stimulate our psychic abilities.  They are considered one of the best stones for opening the third eye, developing clairvoyance, spiritual vision, telepathy, spirit communication and past-life exploration 

They are also the best dream stone I know of.  Placing a Herkimer under your pillow will bring guidance, healing and revelation during your dreamtime. They help greatly with dream recall, lucid dreaming and dream interpretation.

Herkimer Diamonds are one of my all time favourite Crystals.  They can bring a boost of delightful energy just when you need it most.

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