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Well known stones for enhancing Plant Growth and Crop Yield: are Tree (Dendritic) Agate, Green Aventurine, Chlorite Crystals and Clear Quartz.

Excellent stones for healing the Earth: are Aragonite, Atlantasite, Chlorite Phantoms, Crop Circle Stones, Galena, Infinite Stone, Green Apophyllite, Turitella Agate, Mica, Preseli Blue Stones and Smoky Quartz.

You may also want to add an Orgone Generator: to your garden to mitigate geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution and chemtrails, which can negatively impact your plants.

Planting Seeds the Anastasia Way
From: Revelations of Anastasia, The Ringing Cedars Series by Vladimir Megre.

Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe.  Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy.  Through the help of this data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth.
These fruits are designed to sustain human life more powerfully and effectively than any manufactured drugs of the present or future, these fruits are capable of counteracting and withstanding any disease of the human body.  But to this end the seed must know about the human condition. So that during the maturation process it can satiate its fruit with the right correlation of substances to heal a specific individual of his disease, if indeed he has it or is prone to it.
In order for the seed of a cucumber, tomato or any other plant grown in one’s plot to have such information, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Before planting, put into your mouth one or more little seeds, hold them in your mouth, under the tongue, for at least nine minutes.

  2. Then place the seed between the palms of your hands and hold it there for about thirty seconds.  During this time it is important that you be standing barefoot on the spot of earth where you will later be planting it.

  3. Open your hands, and carefully raise the seed, which you are holding to your mouth.  Then blow on it lightly, warming it with your breath, and the wee little seed will know everything that is within you.

  4. Then you need to hold it with your hands open another thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the celestial bodies.  And the seed will determine the moment of its awakening.  The planets will all help it!  And will give the sprouts the light they need to produce fruit especially for you.

  5. After that you may plant the seed in the ground.  In no case should you water it right off, so as not to wash away the saliva which is now covering it, along with other information about you that the seed will take in. It can be watered three days after planting.

According to Anastasia, the seed is thus able to take in information about the person who plants it, and then during the cultivation of its fruit it will pick up from the Universe and the Earth the optimum blend of energies needed for any given human.

Anastasia maintains that the fruit cultivated from the seed in this manner, and consumed by the individual who cultivated it, is capable not only of curing him of any diseases of the flesh whatsoever but also of significantly retarding the aging process, rescuing him from harmful habits, tremendously increasing his mental abilities and giving him a sense of inner peace.
Other Tips for Your Anastasia Garden:

  • Plant on days appropriate to each vegetable (as we know from the lunar calendar).  A premature planting is not as harmful as an overdue planting.
  • At least one of each kind of weed should be left; they can be cut back.  Some weeds protect and others give supplemental information.
  • The fruit will have the most effective influence when consumed no later than three days after harvesting.
  • Plant a variety of plant species in the garden-plot.  It is not necessary to plant a whole row of cucumbers, tomatoes etc.; just a few plants each is enough.
  • When planting the seeds, it’s important to soften the dirt in the excavated hole with one’s fingers and bare toes, and spit into the hole.  Anastasia explains that perspiration from one’s feet contains information about bodily diseases.  This information is taken in by the seedlings and transmitted to the fruit, which will thus be enabled to counteract diseases.  Anastasia recommended walking around the plot barefoot from time to time.
  • Anastasia recommends planting at least one sunflower in the garden plot.
  • Anastasia recommends leaving one spot natural.  If there is no natural area left, bring in a patch of turf from the forest.


Anastasia explains that there are a great many plants that can help us cure all -existing diseases.  She says these plants have been designed for that purpose, but humans have almost lost the ability to identify them.”

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