Connecting to Your Higher Self ~ It’s a Game Changer!

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At last there’s scientific research supporting the numerous benefits of meditation.  We know that spending time in meditation contributes to improved health, peace of mind, and even actualizing our human potential.   Perhaps the main reason for this is that being in meditative states facilitates direct experience of the Higher Self.

Connecting to your Higher Self helps you remember the answers to the two main questions of all spiritual seekers - who you are, and why you are here.  You begin to experience your multi-dimensional self and learn to identify more with the infinite, eternal energy of your soul, and less with your personality and third-dimensional self.
You realize that you can directly access the wisdom of your own soul and that you have never been dependent on others to guide you or tell you how to live.  You won’t need intermediaries like the church, or a person more psychic than yourself, to receive messages from Spirit.  Your Higher Self can actually communicate directly with Source.  That’s the game changer.
Communication with your Higher Self brings more and more clarity about your sacred path in this life.  You are able to access to the wisdom of your soul and use it to become a better person.  Your Higher Self can teach you live from a place of higher consciousness and heart-centered being.  It will help you to put aside the stories of your mind and the promptings of your ego that prevent you from healing and aligning with your soul's purpose in this life.
If all people lived consciously connected to their Higher Self, there would be no deception, manipulation, control or exploitation.  People would find true freedom and empowerment through love, compassion and unity.
It’s simple, but it’s a process – an incredible one of discipline, revelation and awe.
There are many Crystals that can help you connect to your Higher Self. Selenite, Celestite and Quartz are my personal favorites.



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