'Go For It' with Carnelian

Carnelian is a fire element stone that brings life force, passion and creativity to those who work with it.  I find these qualities make it an excellent stone for overcoming apathy and stagnation.  I believe that finding your passion is key for finding your life purpose - that thing that lights you up inside… Fulfilling our life purpose is what gives our life meaning and brings us joy.  When apathy sets in, we lack energy, drive and inspiration, which can lead to caring less, reduced effort and sometimes even giving up on our goals and dreams.

The definition of apathy is “lack of enthusiasm or energy and emotional emptiness”. So, if

  • you are feeling uninspired, unmotivated and generally lack enthusiasm,
  • you find yourself in a creative dry spell,
  • you simply lack the energy and vitality to act,

Carnelian may be a stone you need now.

We are coming out of the winter doldrums and most of us could use an infusion of life force to launch our spring activities, projects and creations. Carnelian is first and foremost a second chakra stone but it is also active on the first and third chakra levels. It helps us to take action and be assertive (not aggressive) toward making our goals a reality.  We need the energy of our lower chakras to come into our power and find the courage to act on our instincts, convictions and dreams. Carnelian fuels our creative fires in every sense.  Let it ignite your passion, fortify your physical body and help you overcome fear of failure.

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