Love Deeply with Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a captivating pink and black stone that invites us to love more deeply.

I find that its pure love vibration is one that can be felt tangibly in the physical plane.  Our physical body responds to its healing, stabilizing energy allowing it to touch the deepest, oldest pain held within us.  Rhodonite can help even the parts that feel broken beyond repair, powerless and without hope.

During all my years as a healer, I was amazed again and again by how much pain and regret people carry inside of them.  It can be hard to reach those deeply buried parts of ourselves, but we need to.  As we know, pain and trauma becomes a burden to our body, accelerating aging and creating ‘dis’ease that corresponds to the nature of the hurt.  Rhodonite, especially dendritic varieties, search out the source of our pain, like roots searching for water. They are able to cultivate even the most intractable emotional terrain.
I think what I love most about Rhodonite is that it awakens our long lost compassion for ourselves. Rhodonite nourishes our self-worth, guiding us to fulfill our deepest desire to love and be loved.  Rhodonite will remind you that you matter, that love is real, and that you deserve it. Rhodonite will gently encourage you to tend to your hurt.  It is especially helpful with grief, regret and broken hearts. 
Rhodonite helps us to pick ourselves up, to go on, and to even expect new love to arrive in our lives.  It also makes us want to spread the love around.  Rhodonite helps us perceive our abilities and talents, and how we can best use them to help other people, our community and our planet. It’s a great stone for bringing forth your life purpose, claiming your gifts, and sharing them with others.
Rhodonite grounds the love vibration into the physical plane where it manifests as caring, consideration, generosity, kindness and compassion.  What a great stone for Valentine’s Day and, of course, all days.  Hold one in your hand and feel the corners of your mouth begin to turn up.

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