Grounding Stones - The Hardest Working Crystals in the Mineral Kingdom!

black tourmaline bloodstone garnet grounding stones hematite pyrite red jasper shungite tiger eye

What would we do without them?  Grounding is so fundamentally important to our well-being.  Ancient peoples have always known this.  They were aware that they were both cosmic and Earthly beings who needed to maintain their connection to both Father Sky and Mother Earth.

Scientific studies have shown that loosing our connection to the Earth (nature) negatively affects our well-being.  A British study noted that just having a plant within sight, lowered stress and depression in the workplace by 30 %.  One Russian study goes as far as to say that spending 15 minutes per day sitting on the Earth can eliminate 65% of dis-ease in the human body.

I haven’t made a study of it myself but I do know that being grounded makes us more stable, secure, productive and reliable human beings.  I also know that inability to connect to the Earth creates anxiety and depression.  It’s hard to believe but with our busy lifestyles, many of us don’t have regular access to nature.  This is where Crystals can greatly help.  The following stones are some of the best grounding stones I know.  Keep them in your aura for support.

Black Tourmaline is purifying and protective.  It brings alignment to the spinal column and helps us overcome being victims.  It’s a stone I would not want to be without.

Red Jasper is a nourishing stone that brings physical vitality, strength, endurance and healthy boundaries.  It helps us say ‘no’ and is great for healing the liver.

Pyrite is a stone of power and presence.  It shields us from negativity and helps us to be assertive, productive, and positive.  It’s great for improving agility and reaction time. 

Bloodstone is an amazing healer of the physical body.  It’s considered a stone of courage that helps us overcome criticism to do what’s best. It’s also an excellent healer of animals.

Garnet is a stone of prosperity, wealth, love and devotion.  Its vibration very closely matches the Earth.  It helps us feel secure, safe and abundant.

Golden Tiger Eye carries both Earth and Solar energies.  It is a stone of balance that helps to harmonize right and left brain, male and female, light and dark, etc.  It helps us to achieve or potential and is recommended for business endeavours.

Shungite is considered a super healer.  It contains Fulerenes, which originate from outer space and are thought to be responsible for Shungite’s amazing healing properties.  Shungite is also the best stone for EMF protection.



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