Integrating Higher Frequencies? Crystals Can Help

ascension symptoms high frequency integration

Since more and more people are experiencing what is known as ascension symptoms, I thought it was worth revisiting this subject.  This is the term often used to describe the impact that raising one’s consciousness can have on the physical body.  As our bodies accommodate higher and higher frequencies, we may experience physical side effects - some welcome and others challenging. Many of the symptoms can be likened to detox symptoms as our bodies are purifying.  Others manifest evolution in our perception and how we choose to live.  Thank you to Karen Bishop for pioneering this subject.

Following this list of ascension symptoms is a list of Crystals that can greatly help.

  • Intense energetic episodes - waves of energy, power surges or heat running through the body
  • Changing sleep patterns – not being able to sleep and/or needing less sleep
  • Activity at the Crown chakra and along the spine – tingling, itching, prickly or crawling sensations
  • Sudden waves of emotion and feelings of emotional and mental confusion (release and cleansing cellular and/or suppressed memories)
  • Seeing images or flashes of parallel and past lives (integration)
  • Weight gain (defense against fears and help with grounding)
  • Changes in eating habits, food sensitivities and allergies, a desire to eat raw, vegan or vegetarian (body is unable to handle energetically toxic food such as meat, sugar and processed foods)
  • Senses are amplified.  Everything looks alive, like it’s vibrating.  Food tastes amazing.  Sensitivity to sound, light, smell and touch may develop.
  • Blurred Vision, headaches, dizziness, tinnitus, nausea
  • Sweating and skin eruptions
  • Back pain, muscle pain & spasms
  • Digestive problems
  • Racing heartbeat and/or heart palpitations
  • Numbness in hands, feet and limbs
  • Looking younger
  • Experiencing bad dreams or nightmares
  • Life altering events – death, divorce, change of jobs, loss of home, illness, etc.
  • A desire to break free of old experiences
  • A desire for introspection
  • Bursts of creativity
  • A desire to break free of life-draining jobs, consumptive lifestyles and toxic people and situations
  • A desire to find your life-purpose and greater spiritual connection
  • A desire to unclutter your life
  • A desire for quiet time, introspection and solitude
  • A perception that time is accelerating
  • Impatience and uncertainty
  • Visions and triple numbers
  • Desire to be more authentic, live with integrity and be honest in relationships
  • Electrical and mechanical malfunctions
  • Increased synchronicity
  • Increased intuition and emerging psychic ability
  • Greater sense of oneness and moments of joy and bliss
  • A desire to be closer to nature
  • Physically manifesting thoughts and desires more quickly
  • Left brain fog
  • Accidents and falling
  • Faster nail and hair growth
  • A desire to find your soul mate or twin flame
  • Your healing process seems relentless!


Agates: Agates provide gentle support during times of transition.  They are slow acting, instill qualities of patience and build of strong foundations.  They provide excellent support and nourishment of the physical body.
Green Apophyllite: Green Apophyllite assists detoxification of environmental pollution and helps the body to move into resonance with the electromagnetic field of the Earth.
Turitella Agate: Turitella Agate helps one to release negative thoughts during times of transition.
Auralite 23: Auralite 23 aligns to life pattern and destiny, and can help one to live their true spiritual purpose.  It strengthens connection to their Higher Self and assists the process of inner purification.
Aragonite: Aragonite helps with over sensitivity.
Barite: Barite helps to clear blockages and helps bring forth one’s highest purpose.  It helps release any aspects of one’s life that are not in alignment and brings deep cleansing on all levels of one’s life. It helps overcome resistance to change and release fear of assuming one’s full power or spiritual destiny. It generates excitement about manifesting one’s spiritual purpose and the will to do what it takes to accomplish that goal.
Blue Quartz: Blue Quartz helps calm thoughts, quiets the mind, releases fear, and helps one to embrace the future.  It raises one’s vibration in tranquil and peaceful way – it amplifies without creating the feeling of overwhelm. Blue Quartz is an excellent ally when one is feeling overwhelmed, especially with their own ascension process and coming to grips with their own spiritual truth.  It helps to bring clarity to one’s reasons for incarnation and life purpose and the integrity to carry them through.
Brookite: Brookite has an amazing ability to ground high-frequency Light energy into the body and the physical plane.  Brookite is an ascension stone, helping one increase the vibratory frequency of the physical body.  
Candle, Pineapple or Celestial Quartz: The red ones align with the energies of the Earth, Moon and other heavenly bodies in our region of the galaxy and so would be valuable to shamans, astrologers, and those who feel called to heal the Earth and attune themselves to Earth changes.
Chlorite Quartz: Naisha Ahsian calls Chlorite Quartz the best physical healing stone of our time.  It assists one to come into resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field and coherent rhythm with the planet.
Covellite: (Robert Simmons) Covellite’s ability to bridge dimensions makes it a great stone for helping humans achieve the next level of evolution. Covellite is sensitive to the changing energy spectrum here on Earth.  It will alter in its energy to harmonize with accelerated vibrations within and around us.  Thus it will remain a useful tool throughout the transformation.
Faden Quartz: Fadens are ideal for consciousness expansion and connecting to higher vibrational planes.  They are also useful for attuning to inner movements of the Earth.
Fairy Stone: Fairy Stone attaches one to the Earth’s core.  It helps one ground and adapt to Earth-energy changes. Psychologically, Fairy Stone assists dismantling defensive walls built around old hurts that lock one into patterns of old pain.
Hematite: Hematite has the ability to draw light into the most dense and difficult energies; it aids in connecting to the Earth mother and replenishing depleted stores.  It grounds the soul into the body and removes self-limitations.
Kyanite: (Naisha Ahsian) Kyanite facilitates ascension by drawing the light body down into the physical realm.  It connects to the highest frequencies; facilitates rapid transfers of energy and assist downloading info from higher sources.  Kyanite restructures mental energies and habits that keep one from moving to higher levels of learning.  It helps one to act upon guidance, cuts through cloudy thoughts, indecision or hesitancy so that forward movement can be made in one’s life.
Labradorite: Labradorite is a stone of Ascension, bringing energies of transformation and evolution.  It creates alignment with life-purpose and attracts synchronistic experience into one’s life.  It brings the ah ha’s into mundane experience and allows us to feel the groove.  It opens the flow that allows for manifestation of the highest good.
Menalite: Menalite is an excellent stone for transitions of any kind. It maintains connection with the Earth and helps ride out changes in her vibration.
Meteorites: Meteorites stir this energy within the self, creating great awakenings and initiating rapid and great change.
Nebula Stone: Nebula Stone activates psychic senses and facilitates spiritual growth and right livelihood.  It clears negativity from auric field, giving one energy and courage to fulfill highest path. Nebula is a powerful stone of transformation while at the same time harmonizing to one’s energies and making one feel more content in the physical body and at home on Earth.
Blue Moonstone: (Judy Hall) Blue Moonstone attunes the metabolism to assimilate the minerals and nutrients that an activated lightbody requires to function on the Earth plane.  Spiritually, Blue Moonstone enables you to have a foot in both worlds – physical and spiritual – being ‘here’ and ‘there’ at the same time with no duality or conflict and complete clarity of awareness.  It also activates a cosmic anchor.
Nirvana Quartz: (Robert Simmons) Nirvana Quartz tunes us into the not-yet-formed potential of what can be. It aids us in the evolution to our highest destiny. Meditation with these stones brings deep peace and interior silence.
Presili Blue Stone: (Judy Hall) Presili Blue Stone forms the inner ring at Stonehenge.  It is an ancient stone of dreaming and far memory, that moves one out of time and space to access multi-dimensions.  PBS opens a cosmic anchor that attaches at the core of the Earth to stabilize one through Earth changes, while aligning you to Galactic center so that you can flow energy of heaven and Earth.  It links to Merlin energy and one’s inner shaman. Acts as a battery for earthing and grounding spiritual power – enhancing psychic ability and metaphysical gifts.  
Rhodonite: (Naisha Ahsian) Rhodonite aids in perceiving and in using their talents for the highest good.  It is a stone of learning and development that carries the cooperative energy of community.  It speaks to our responsibility to use our skills to assist the spiritual rebirth of the Earth and each other in these times of transformation.  It is a stone that helps one recognize where one can utilize one’s energy or talents to effect change on the Earth plane.
Selenite: Selenite brings our Earthly selves into alignment with the higher realms. Selenite’s intense, yet gentle energies effectively clear congestion and negativity from all levels of one’s being, opening the way for the Higher Self to come more fully into the body and establish itself there. Selenite greatly assists living in alignment and awareness of one’s life purpose.
Smoky Quartz: (Naisha Ahsian) Smoky Quartz connects us to the Earth so that we can live in energetic symbiosis with her – this way our energy can flow and not stagnate.  Smoky Quartz purifies the energies shared by humans and the Earth and removes the illusion of separation between the spiritual and the physical.  It helps open one to the gifts and lessons of the Earth plane and to birth your purpose here.
Stibnite: Stibnite assists shifting into the high frequency energies we are being asked to carry in our bodies. It can help counter symptoms of energy shifts such as dizziness, headaches, inability to concentrate and heart palpitations caused by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.  Stibnite helps the body incorporate the higher frequencies and promotes cleansing and release of emotional and mental debris. It helps one to adjust to profound changes happening on Earth and within the self.  It can help magnetize a completely new career, spiritual life, self-image or outer personality.
Stillbite: Stillbite helps with spiritual overwhelm.  Place near the heart to relieve symptoms of discomfort on any level.
Super or Sacred Seven: Sacred Seven is a wonderful companion stone for anyone working with the healing and ascension of the Earth and humanity.  It is a powerful enhancer of all types of psychic abilities and is excellent for healing disease.  Sacred Seven is very effective at moving even the most stagnant of energies. It enhances spiritual growth and enlightenment and is a blessing during intense times of Earth change.
Vanadanite: Vanadanite helps one accept physicality. It grounds the soul into the body and helps it to be comfortable in the Earth environment.  Vanadanite teaches how to conserve energy at the physical level and opens internal channels in the body to receive Universal energy which aligns chakras and brings the higher self into the physical body.
Vesuvianite or Idocrase: Vesuvianite releases negative attachments and limiting beliefs that prevent one from manifesting their heart’s desires here on Earth.  It is supports taking one’s true path or calling in life and can helps one find the courage to make changes in jobs, relationships, habit patterns, thoughts and emotions.

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