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Amazonite Earrings - 49.95

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Tear drop shape Amazonite cabochons in sterling silver bezel settings on French hooks; the back is open

Size: 1.2 x 1.1 x 0.5 cm (not including hook)

Weight of Pair: 0.13 oz

Amazonite: (Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) stone of harmony, a peacemaker and truth-teller; brings competing factions of one’s personality into awareness so that their separate motivations and desires can be resolved; sleeping with Amazonite can brings them to awareness through symbolism in dreams; empowers us by magnifying our dreams and desires; works through the throat chakra so that our intentions are spoken aloud and magnified; Amazonite teaches us to speak the truth and to make what we speak come true; deeply stimulating for the heart and throat chakras; water element; bringing the energy of personal truth; very helpful for those who are out of touch with their personal truth; also helpful to those who have difficulty setting appropriate boundaries – assists perceiving and communicating one’s truth so that one can effectively set limits on what they wish to experience; also helps with internal boundaries that help to develop self-discipline; assists learning lessons of  integrity and truth; excellent for those overly concerned with opinions and judgements of others or who may spend too much time offering opinions and judgements; Amazonite is a stone of “right relationship”  and assists maintaining personal balance is relationships with others and the world in general; powerful filtering action; bocks geopathic stress; absorbs microwaves and cell phone emanations; filters information incoming to the brain, combines with intuition; balances masculine/feminine and many aspects of personality; sooths emotional trauma, worry and fear; stone of relaxation; good for nervous system; opens heart, throat and third eye charkas; aids osteoporosis, tooth decay and calcium deficiency; helpful with cell regeneration and healing after trauma or injury; can help to balance thyroid and adrenals especially when these organs are over-taxed by excessive stress or emotional repression.  Affirmation: “I speak and live my highest truth, and I call forth its manifestation in the world.”

 (Karen Osborne, 2013) The colour and feel of Amazonite brings to mind sunlight streaming through tropical waters…  It carries the energy of vacation and respite from stressful life situations.  It is also an excellent stone for bringing harmony and resolution to all kinds of relationships.  Amazonite helps us to look at our lives through a kind of psychic magnifying glass.  It is known as a stone of ‘personal’ truth.  Working with Amazonite can bring flashes of intuition about oneself.  Often the truths one seeks will be revealed during meditations or in dreamtime. Amazonite is also very helpful for bringing clarity and discernment to what has been revealed.  If you are asking “what is my personal truth?” then Amazonite may be the stone you need at this time.  It may show you how your inner desires clash with how you are actually living your life.  Most of us repress a great deal of what we truly feel and need, in order to fit in, to be accepted, and to please other people.  You may have lost touch along the way with what your heart really wants. You may not even want to acknowledge your true desires and needs because meeting them may require you to make big changes in your life. The first thing you must do once you have acknowledged your inner truth, is to express it verbally.  Speaking it aloud is the first step to manifesting it in the world.  Amazonite will help you with this too.  It syncs your heart and throat chakras so that you can effectively speak the truth of your heart.  This can be very helpful in setting boundaries for what we want to experience in life, especially with other people.  Amazonite is a ‘be yourself’ stone that allows one to follow desires and dreams without worrying about the judgment of others. Amazonite is also a good stone for filtering out whatever is not true in your life, whatever is not meeting your real needs, including people.  Amazonite also helps to filter electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress from one’s environment.  It soothes the nervous system and greatly aids the body in recovering from illness or trauma, especially when the physical condition is caused by excessive stress or repression of emotional needs. Amazonite is a stone of personal fulfilment.  Amazonite sentences begin with “I need …”

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