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Green Aventurine Pyramid - 4.99 - now 2.99!

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Green Aventurine mini pyramid from India

Average Size: 1 cm

Average Weight: 0.7 oz

Green Aventurine: (Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian) stone of growth and abundance, prosperity; strong connection to Devic and plant kingdoms – attracts fairies; stimulates growth in all life forms; protects against geopathic stress; electromagnetic smog and environmental pollution; reinforces leadership qualities, decisiveness; promotes compassion, empathy, perseverance; all-round healer; comforter and heart healer; calms anger/irritation; balances male/female; brings together emotional and mental bodies; aids thymus, nervous system, adrenals, sinuses, skin conditions and allergies; balances blood pressure; lowers cholesterol; prevents arteriosclerosis; Aventurine brings the Spring-like energies of growth and renewal to the heart chakra; promotes healing of emotions, opening and clearing of heart chakra; teaches that growth is a process of experience, integration and release – once we integrate the insights, knowledge and information, Aventurine  assists the emotions of the experience to disperse; releases old emotional trauma and patterning often stored in the body on a cellular level that can lead to dis-ease and imbalance; helps one to accept healing and growth. Affirmation: “I celebrate my own growth and release those aspects that no longer serve me.”

(Karen Osborne, 2017) Green Aventurine is a stone of growth, abundance and prosperity.  It teaches us that growth is a learning process and that every experience has value.  Once we learn something from it, we can move on to a new experience.  Each new experience makes us wise if we can release the emotions and retain only the lessons.  Green Aventurine helps one to release negative patterns at emotional, mental and physical levels of our being.  It is even said to cleanse our physical body at the cellular level, healing imbalances and preventing dis-ease. Aventurine heals the heart, bringing energies of growth and renewal.  It helps us to get out of emotional ruts and to accept healing and our own evolution.  Interestingly enough, Aventurine is strongly connected to nature, especially the plant and Devic realms.  So, both literally and figuratively, Aventurine can help your garden grow.  Aventurine attunes to plant frequencies and can help one to communicate with the spirits of plants to better understand their medicine.  It can even help to overcome allergies to plants and trees by balancing one’s masculine/feminine aspects, and the emotional/mental bodies. Aventurine is an excellent all-round healer, good for adrenals, thymus, the nervous system, sinuses, and skin.  Aventurine helps balance blood pressure and lower cholesterol.  Aventurine helps to dispel toxic emotions such as anger and irritation from the emotional body and cellular memory.  Aventurine is also a great stone for mitigating electromagnetic and geopathic stress.   Are you convinced yet?  Let me tell you more… Aventurine is not an expensive stone.  It’s found in many places on Earth, even Ontario.  Canadian Aventurine sparkles like the eyes of many Fairies winking at you and guess what?  Aventurine helps us to become aware of Fairies and to see and communicate with them. Last, but not least, Aventurine is an abundance stone that encourages leadership and success.  It’s a stone of youth, play and joy.

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