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Dioptase Natural - 44.98

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Natural Dioptase Crystal cluster formation from the Congo

Size: 1.6 x 1.2 x 0.7 cm

Weight: 0.4 oz

Dioptase: stone of compassion and forgiveness; powerful heart healer (opens higher heart chakra); heals emotional pain; facilitates reaching the highest levels of consciousness; promotes living in the present moment; releases karmic patterns that impact relationships; allows one to see where there may be attachments that may no longer be appropriate; overcomes sense of lack and brings prosperity – attracts wealth and all other good things that make physical life more enjoyable; fulfills potential; indicates direction; mental cleanser, detoxifier; releases need to control others; absorbs festering wounds and forgotten hurts; clears away perceptions of how love ought to be and brings in a new vibration of love; regulates cell disorders, activates T-cells and thymus; best stone for easing high blood pressure; also eases migraines; helps overcome addictions and stress; use elixir for headaches and pain

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