Fuchsite Natural Specimen - 4.99
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Fuchsite Natural Specimen - 4.99

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Shimmering natural Fuchsite pieces from Brazil. Fuschite is a type of mica or muscovite.

Average Size: 2 cm 

Fuchsite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Fuchsite is a green variety of muscovite that brings connection between intellect of the mind and intelligence of the heart; wonderful spiritual insulator – one of the predominant stones of protection for the energy field; excellent stone for those susceptible to negativity or picking up difficult emotional energies from other people – muscovite seals the aura, preventing psychic attack and emotional or entity attachment; excellent to use after cutting of cords and attachments as it prevents reattachment; aids sensitive children to maintain their energetic and emotional integrity and to discern which emotions actually belong to them and which ones are from outside sources; helps prevent symptoms of rapid psychic awakening such as dizziness, vertigo, bad dreams, sleep imbalances and inability to “turn off” the flow of psychic information.  Helps sinuses. Affirmation: “I open myself to my higher potentials, to the stream of the future, and to spiritual inspiration, as I maintain stability and balance.”

Fuchsite: facilitates access of practical knowledge; can channel info regarding herbal treatment and holistic remedies, guidance on health matters and well-being; helps understand interaction with other people and basic life concerns; psychologically, it deals with issues of servitude from past or present lives; reverses tendency toward martyrdom; excellent for those who fall into saviour or rescuer mode and then quickly become victims; shows how to be of service without power struggle or false humility; many people who serve do so out of a feeling of “not being good enough” – fuchsite teaches true self-worth; shows how to do only what is appropriate for another’s soul growth and then stand by while they learn their own lessons; combines unconditional love with tough love that says “no more” – useful for those who help but gain satisfaction from keeping the other person dependent, releasing both souls to their own pathway; this stone is particularly helpful for the “the identified patient” within a family or group situation on whom dis-ease and tension is projected.  The identified patient becomes ill or addicted on behalf of the family.  When they want to become well the family often puts pressure on them to remain “ill” or dependent.  Fuchsite gives the identified patient the strength to find wellness and withdraw from the family conflict; overcomes co-dependency and emotional blackmail; imparts resilience after drama or emotional tension; amplifies energy of other crystals; releases blockages, balances systems; balances red an white blood cells; treats carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury; realigns the spine; increases flexibility in the musculoskeletal system

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