Jaguar Stone or Leopard Skin Jasper - 3.99
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Jaguar Stone or Leopard Skin Jasper - 3.99

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Tumbled Leopard Skin Jasper, also known as Jaguar Stone (a form of Rhyolite) from Mexico. 

Average Size: 3 x 2 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.56 oz

Leopardskin Jasper or Jaguar Stone: helps clear guilt, insecurity and fear; heals emotional stress and is a good general healer of the emotional body; helps balance activity with passivity; brings environmental balance; eases insomnia; aids tissue regeneration and skin diseases; 12 strand DNA healing; helps heal kidneys and gallstones; helps protect against radiation and electromagnetic pollution; helps one convalesce after illness or hospitalization; aids circulation, digestive and sexual organs; balances mineral content of the body; Native American legends say that leopardskin jasper was created to bridge to the deepest mysteries, honoring the dark and helping you fulfill karmic agreements; works to cut off outer vision, focusing perception and mirroring the outside world back to you; helps to clear ingrained assumptions and align you to your life’s path; fortifies natural resistance and maintains health; engenders respect for Native peoples and their innate wisdom

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