Magnesite Tumbled - 1.49
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Magnesite Tumbled - 1.49

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Tumbled Magnesite stones

Average Size: 2 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.13 oz

Magnesite: (Naisha Ahsian) Magnesite promotes hemispheric synchronization and enhances brain function.  Its frequency range is uniquely suited to activating the pineal and pituitary glands and their associated chakras, the third eye and the crown.  Because of its ability to stimulate these evolutionary centers in the brain, Magnesite activates the psychic senses ad enables one to reach higher states of consciousness.  In fact, this stone’s consciousness-raising ability is so strong, it’s best to use it in combination with grounding stones to ensure that it’s energy is channeled into the Earth plane and utilized in practical ways for the highest good.  The clearer the Magnesite crystal, the more powerful these transcendent states become.  In addition to Magnesite’s spiritual properties, it is a wonderful emotional healer.  Because of its lithium content, it aids the emotional and physical bodies in relaxing and releasing.  This is ideal for those who hold tightly to past grievances or who are emotionally rigid.  Magnesite is a powerful teacher of the principle of “letting go and letting God.”  It can help one release basic stress and let go of the need to control, manipulate or emotionally overpower others.  Magnesite helps dissolve blockages and crystallizations in the emotional body.  This is particularly useful for those stuck in grief, or who spend time reminiscing about the past.  Magnesite offers vibrational support for those seeking balance between action and stillness and can help relieve resistance to the future.  For purely transcendent experiences, it is difficult to beat the power of Magnesite.  Its ability to activate the psychic senses and stimulate one’s capacity to receive and process information from the higher realms is an important gift.  Being a carbon-based stone, it allows one to access the genetic memory of humankind, including our star-seed origins. Magnestie helps the body in releasing tension or stagnation.  It is helpful for the bowels and can be used in instances of constipation.  It is ideal for muscle spasms, muscle adhesion, and chronic muscular tension due to stress.  It can help relieve overly sensitive skin, fascia or muscle tissue.  It is good support for healing fibroids and similar disorders.  Affirmation: “I open my inner eye to higher truth, and I awaken to my full potential.”

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