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Natural Scolecite Formation - 8.99

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Natural White Scolecite formation - slight fan shape with natural terminations

Size: 7.3 x 1.2 x 0.6 cm

Weight: 0.16 oz

Scolecite: (Robert Simmons) inner peace; relaxation; tranquility; inter-dimensional travel; awakening of the heart; wind element; third eye and crown chakra; emanates a deep peace that can resonate through one’s entire auric field recommended for those who wish to enhance meditation, sleep more restfully or dream more sweetly; a sense of calm descends and a feeling of serenity that can gently lift one to higher planes of awareness; the uplifting relaxed state brought about by Scolecite is ideal for healing sessions, meditations, lucid dreaming or restful sleep; it offer protection from the intrusion of negative astral energies or entities as it lifts one to the higher vibrational planes; good alternative for those who wish to activate the heart chakra but find Phenacite and Herderite too intense; very inter-dimensional stone; contact with intelligences from ‘far flung’ inner and outer domains is possible when journeying with Scolecite; assists travel through time and space, allowing access to knowledge from ancient and even ‘future’ civilizations; enhances heart chakra energies, making the spontaneous expression of love a more frequent experience; it is a good stone to be exchanged between lovers, helping to establish a constant invisible connection between their hearts; the crystallized form of Scolecite offers the most intense and focused energies, while the tumbled or massive form emphasizes its soothing qualities.

(Naisha Ahsian) a gentle, yet powerful awakener of the higher mind; instead of ‘blasting’ open the higher chakras, Scolecite is a mild cleanser, gently clearing debris from these energy centres and allowing the Light to shine in; an excellent friend for those afraid of opening too quickly or who need to learn the power of gentleness; helps clear the channel between the crown chakra (personal enlightenment) and the Soul Star Chakra (transpersonal enlightenment) – this allows one to connect with one’s Higher Self level of consciousness and gain a deeper understanding of one’s entire soul journey – not only one’s journey through this life – this vantage point can help one understand one’s true nature, as a Spiritual being having a physical experience; teaches the power of receptivity and expansion and helps one become more balanced when faced with difficulty; peace is the key word with this stone. Scolecite can help with ADHD.  Affirmation: “My mind and heart are at peace as I journey more and more deeply into the realms of Spirit.”

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