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Ocean Jasper Tumbled - 14.99

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Ocean Jasper is a rare stone from Madagascar Africa.

Size: 4.8 x 3.8 x 2.1 cm

 Weight: 1.83 oz

Ocean Jasper: Ocean Jasper is a form of silicon dioxide that comes from only one location along the coast of Madagascar.  It gets its various round patterns of colour from concentric balls called pisolites that formed the Jasper.  Some of these have a mineralized nucleus.

(Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Powerful Earth Element healer; enjoyment of life; relaxation; release of negativity and stress; positive self-expression; physical and emotional healing; stone of joy and high spirits, lifting moods with positive vibrations; helps left the veil of dissatisfaction and negativity so that one can see the blessings in life and appreciate them; stimulates solar plexus, heart and throat; supports expression of love in one’s words and deeds; helps one to realise what and who one really loves; banishes complacency and taking things and people for granted; brings consciousness to present moment, relieving worry about the future and bitterness about the past; helpful to those that suffer from depression; helps to give up self-destructive or addictive behaviours; great stone to wear or carry for social situations, the workplace or any place where there will be groups of people; relaxes others and makes for a good time all round; healing practitioners are advised to put a piece in the healing space to keep atmosphere pleasant and relaxing – placing one in client’s hand can make them more centred; holding during meditation helps to let go of thoughts and become centred; patterns in the stone look like cells – they allow one to access cellular memory and other energetic patterns that have manifested physically in the body; reminds us to embrace the physical vehicle and the physical world; supports regeneration of tissues in the body, healing of organs and balancing of the glandular system; helps stabilize thyroid and adrenal secretions; helps endocrine system to balance body chemistry.  Affirmation: “I release negative patterns of thoughts, words and deeds which may adversely affect my emotional/physical self and I embrace the many blessings of life.”

Ocean Jasper: (Unkown) called Sea Jasper, is rare Orbicular Jasper collected from the remote shores of northwestern Madagascar and can only be mined at low tide; it is sometimes referred to as The Atlantis Stone. Its multi-colored circles, contour lines, and bands of opaque stone are interspersed with druse, and spiritually represent the interconnectedness of all things. It carries a gentle nurturing energy that, when used regularly, assists in developing self-love and empathy for others. Its orbicular pattern facilitates circular breathing and enhances meditation. Ocean Jasper may be used to connect to Atlantis and unlock the mystic knowledge held within the stone

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