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Pine Point Calcite - 39.99

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Natural cluster of Far North Golden Calcite Crystals from Pine Point Northwest Territories, Canada

Size: 8.8 x 7.1 x 3.2 cm

Weight: 8.50 oz 

Pine Point White Calcite: (Karen Osborne) Pine Point Calcite is a white or golden Calcite from the Pine Point Mine in the Northwest Territories, Canada. Pine Point Calcite possesses singular purity and power for transformation.  They are one of my favorite healing stones.  During healing sessions I place them on the heart or on the head, often over the third eye.  They also make excellent companions for meditation and spiritual learning.  They are great helpers for reframing life issues, situations, other people and ourselves from higher perspectives.  They bring an awareness of what’s truly important by dissolving the filters that stop us from recognizing our worth, our divinity and our loving nature.  Pine Point Calcite is soft and gentle like a warm bath of light.  These Crystals show us how much love we have in our bank accounts and how easy it is to drop the judgment just be kind.

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