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Polychrome Jasper Polished Stone - 24.99

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Polished Polychrome Jasper or Desert Jasper stone from Madagascar

Weight: 2.83 oz

Dimensions: 5.9 x 4.9 x 2.3 cm

Polychrome Jasper: Polychrome Jasper, also called Desert Jasper, was discovered in 2008 in the deserts of Madagascar.  It is an opaque, multi-coloured chalcedony, which develops in massive formations. Polychrome Jasper is known for its beautiful colour swirls and believed to be one of the rarest Jaspers in the world.

(Judy Hall, Crystal Bible 3) Polychrome Jasper is highly protective when traveling between the worlds. It helps you to feel that you belong on earth as part of the clan of humanity, helping you reach out to others out of strength rather than need. Resolving dualities, it helps you to integrate into the whole. A useful stone if you seek your power ally. 

( Polychrome Jasper exhibits all of the healing elements of other jaspers as a supreme nurturer and mirror for emotional balance.  It calms the mind, streamlining chaotic thoughts.  It quiets uncontrolled venting or the need to deliver verbal blows, allowing you to weigh the impact of your words, considering their after-effects before you speak.  It invites you to become responsible in relationships, allowing you to discover your independence while recognizing that you are also part of the whole, thus reducing co-dependence or victimization.  As a supreme nurturer, Polychrome Jasper allows you to find your center, recognizing your contribution to humanity.  It causes you to pause, celebrate the joyful flavor of life, flush out the old and bring in the new.  The loving support of this stone helps you remember your essence and its value. Like other jaspers, it helps you travel that path at your own pace.  It aligns all the chakras, helps you prepare for astral travel, stabilizes the aura and holds you in protection.  Swirling with movement, the polychrome patterns reveal much about our own changeable and layered journey through life.  It’s a great stone for scrying.

Purple allows you to “see" who you are, how you connect with spirit and where you fit into the tapestry of life.

Pink introduces love and loving concepts.

Brown, black, gray and red call the earth elements into play. This is a good stone for shamanic journeys.

Gold and yellow help you celebrate life joyfully.  Take action, creating movement that helps you achieve your dreams.

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