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Purple Labradorite - 34.99

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Large, thick Purple Labradorite palm stone with dominantly gold, amber and pink flash.

Size: 7.5 x 4.7 x 2.4 cm

Weight: 4.46 oz

Purple Labradorite is captivating Crystal lovers everywhere! Purple Labradorite is a recent find from magical Madagascar. It has a light grey body colour exhibits beautiful purple, pink and gold flash. I find these stone possess a transcendent, otherworldly beauty that prompts one to seek out the inherent beauty of self, to embrace our natural curiosity about life, and to say yes to new adventures.

Labradorite is a type of feldspar Crystal named after the Labrador Peninsula of Canada, where it was first discovered. Its overall body tone ranges from light to dark grey but its unique laminar structure exhibits strong iridescence or inner flash, sometimes called Labradorescence. When viewed from different angles, Labradorite vividly flashes colors of the entire spectrum - bright aqua, teal, indigo, golden yellow, reddish orange, greens, browns - peacock colours, and even purple and pink. This makes Labradorite a master healer, able to activate, cleanse, nourish and balance any chakra in the human body.

The flashing off-planet qualities of Light carried in this mysterious stone flood the human aura, repairing one’s energy field and preventing energy leakage. Labradorite’s protective influences don’t stop here. Labradorite is like a magical cloak of protection that prevents others from reading your energy. It also prevents hooks, entity attachment and other types of energetic interference.

Labradorite is the great bringer of cosmic Light, bringing expansion, galactic connection and freedom from fear. Labradorite aids the experience of one’s multi-dimensional self, starseed origins and infinite nature, while at the same grounding one to the Earthly experience.

Labradorite has long been considered a mystical, magical stone that powerfully awakens the third eye, awakening one’s magical abilities and psychic power. A few of the psychic abilities it can stimulate are: intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy, channeling, mediumship, lucid dreaming, clairaudience, and astral travel.

One of the things I love most about Labradorite is the way it teaches you to see yourself in a different way. On first glance, Labradorite often looks like a grey rock, but when you turn it, and look at it from different angles, you see its inner radiance and flashing colour. If you are willing to look at yourself from a different perspective, perhaps without judgment or defining beliefs, you will begin to experience your own beauty, Light and power. In this way, Labradorite sparks inspiration and enthusiasm for life. It is a wonderful stone self-discovery and can restore faith in the future.

Labradorite has long been treasured by shamans for its mystical and transformational qualities. It’s off-planet Light and colour assist exploration of higher vibrational states and realms. Labradorite aids meditation and journeying. It provides excellent protection during astral travel and keeps one tethered to the Earth and to the physical body. For the same reason, Labradorite is useful for working with the void and working with the elements. 

Physically, Labradorite is said to be effective in relieving and treating disorders with the eyes and with improving one’s eyesight, especially night vision. It is also used to treat brain disorders, to improve memory and heal bone issues, musculature complaints, and wear and tear of one’s joints. 

Wearing and/or sleeping with Labradorite can bring amazing changes to your life. It charges you with a sense of excitement and adventure to try new things and go places you have never been before. It increases synchronistic experiences and is said to bring good luck. Labradorite is also a stone of the ancestors and star nations. It brings wisdom, strength and harmony that helps to forge a clear pathway of communication with the higher self and understanding of one’s destiny.

Ultimately, Labradorite is a stone of spiritual awakening and accelerated ascension, that can help you tap into your own limitless potential.

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