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Ruby Pendant - 18.99

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Average Size: 1 cm x 1.2 cm 

Oval Shape

Ruby: Ruby is a potent stone of life force, energy, invigoration, passion, sensuality, love and virility.  It is stimulating to the heart chakra and the pineal gland.  It embodies both Earth and Fire elements.  Ruby can initiate the rise of kundalini up the spine to clear blockages or direct into projects and endeavours.  It encourages following one’s bliss in life to achieve and retain, leadership, wealth and a positive state of mind.  Ruby energy sharpens the mind, brings awareness and protects against psychic attack.  On a physical level, ruby detoxifies blood and lymph, and is beneficial for heart and circulatory system, adrenals, reproductive organs.  It is a stone of the first or root chakra, nourishing, replenishing energy and connecting to the life-force of the Earth.

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