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Sulphur Chlorite Phantom Quartz - 24.99- now 12.49

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Natural Quartz Tabular Crystal with Chlorite Sulphur phantom inclusion; bale is not silver

Size: 3.7 x 1.8 cm or 1.5 x 0.7 inches (not including bale)

Sulphur: (Judy Hall) Sulphur has a negative electrical charge and is extremely useful for absorbing energies, emanations and emotions.  Placed in the environment, it absorbs negativity of any kind and removes barriers to progress.  Volcanically produced, this is an excellent stone for anything that erupts: feelings, violence, skin condition, and fevers.  It can also be useful for bring latent psychic abilities to the surface.  Psychologically, Sulphur ameliorates willfulness and aids in identifying negative traits within the personality.  It reaches the rebellious, stubborn, or obstreperous part of a personality that willfully disobeys instructions and tends automatically to do the opposite of whatever is suggested, especially when this is “for your own good.”  Sulphur softens this position and assists the recognition of the effect, opening the way to conscious change.  Mentally, Sulphur blocks repetitive and distracting thought patterns, inspiring the imagination, it aids reasoning and grounds thought processes in the practical here and now.  Physically, Sulphur is helpful in reenergizing after exhaustion or serious illness and can enhance creativity.  Sulphur is toxic and should not be taken internally.  The gem elixir is made by indirect method only.  Sulphur is extremely effective for conditions that flare up, such as infections and fevers.  Placed over the site of the swelling, it reduces fibrous and tissue growths. Sulphur alleviates swellings and joint problems.

Chlorite: Naisha Ashian states that chlorite in all of its forms to be the most effective stone she has felt for cellular regeneration and healing; excellent vehicle for discovering and processing physical disease relating to alternate lifetimes.  It is a direct link to accessing the energetic structure of the DNA; causes old patterns of disease and imbalance to fall away and new patterns to be created – in the Seraphenite and phantom formations, “the premier healing stone of this age and tool most suited to bringing the body back into line with Light energy, expressed as glowing health; teaches that any imbalance can be healed by accepting love into your life again; aids rapid processing, healing and integration of cellular memories and information, creating clarity in our bodies, emotions and minds; Chlorite Phantom Crystals make clearer links with nature spirits and pure Earth energy; very effective planetary healers. Affirmation: “I honor my body as a vehicle for the Light”


Chlorite Phantom Crystals: (Robert Simmons) During the growth of some quart crystals, a layer of chlorite/chlinochlore is deposited on the crystal’s termination that is followed by further growth of the crystal.  If the crystal is transparent the result can be seen as a greenish phantom, which reveals the shape of the quartz crystal’s termination before the chlorite deposit and later growth.  They are highly attuned to the plant kingdom.  Meditation with CP’s can facilitate communication with any plant as well as devas, fairies and other such beings. They resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth and can help one learn to ground energies and emotions into the Earth.  They can help one learn to ground with great ease. They also make very efficient planetary healers.

(Naisha Ahsian) Chlorite in all of its forms is one of the most powerful physical healers. It supports cell function and regeneration and can assist in regulating cell growth and mutation.  It helps protect the body and energy systems from inharmonious radiation.  The Chlinochlore form of chlorite is the most active on the physical level while Seraphanite is the most active spiritually.  Chlorite Phantoms are powerful healing stones.  They work to successively realign all levels of one’s being with optimal soul energy.  They allow one to move into resonance with the Earth’s electromagnetic field, allowing one’s heart and brain to move into a coherent rhythm with the planet.  CP’s can assist one in receiving healing instruction or information from Spirit.  They can aid in connecting with one’s healing guides.  Emotionally, CP’s lend optimism and the energy of hopefulness.  CP’s are excellent for physic surgery.  They can easily channel Chlorite energy directly into specific locations in the body.  This is very helpful when working on specific areas such as tumors, polyps and other growths.  They help protect the body from harmful radiation and can be useful in stabilizing the energy field and physical body during radiation therapy.  Affirmation: “I link myself to the Earth and the world of Nature, finding there the keys to inner balance, health and well-being.”

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