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Selenite Palm Stone - 11.99

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Lustrous White Selenite Palm Stones from Morocoo

Average Weight: 2.0 oz

Average Size: 3-4 "

Size, shape and colour tone varries from piece to piece.

Selenite: (Karen Osborne) Alignment with Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels

Selenite is a beautiful, high vibrating stone that helps us to remember who we are at the soul level, to open ourselves to the Divine frequencies we originate from. I lovingly refer to Selenite as solidified starlight. White Selenite is especially luminous and angelic. Selenite opens the third eye, the crown chakra and the soul star chakra above the head, aligning and creating connection all the way up to the 14th chakra. Selenite’s intense, yet gentle energies effectively clearing congestion and negativity from all levels of one’s being, opening the way for Higher Self connection. Selenite greatly assists living in alignment and awareness of one’s life purpose. It’s an excellent aid to meditation, opening channels of communication with Spirit Guides and Angels so that they can better support and protect us on our journey. It’s a wonderful stone to place on altars and to use in protective grids. Since Selenite is a stone of such high and pure vibration, it’s best paired it with a grounding stone during use. Black Tourmaline is ideal for this purpose. They make a great team. Remember not to cleanse Selenite in water.

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